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Making the case for
combinations of
Pharmaceuticals and DTx



What?  Making the case for combining Pharmaceuticals and Digital Therapeutic and Digital Care products.

How?  IP Enabler develops Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for combinations of Pharmaceuticals and Digital Health Technologies, tailored to products owned by leading Digital Therapeutics, Digital Care, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies.

Why?  In a continuously converging marketplace, combinations of traditional drug-based therapies and digital technology is creating the new frontier of care

Value proposition

Our value proposition is our name

IP Enabler collaborates

with Partners based on a patent portfolio with a broad base of claims for combination of Pharmaceuticals and Digital Health Technology products.

IP Enabler brings

the capability to design and develop novel tailored IPR towards specific Partner requirements, for combinations of Partner owned Pharmaceuticals and Digital Health Technology products

IP Enabler achieves

strengthened IPR to our Partners on combinations of traditional Drug-based therapies and Digital Health Technology products in an increasingly converging marketplace

A vision of a learning DTx improving pharmaceutical efficacy

The idea behind the innovation is a vision of using a DTx supporting usage of pharmaceuticals for improved efficacy and safety – on patient conditions. A learning DTx supporting specific needs and behaviors, facilitating administration of selected pharmaceuticals.

A vision of helping our customers and partners with our IP creating real and stronger combination products.

Originally inspired by the integration of hardware devices with pharmaceuticals, as within respiratory.

Making the case for a commercial model combining DTx and pharmaceuticals

IP Enabler assets - a gamechanger

Recently approved broad IPR assets covering combinations of pharmaceuticals and digital therapeutics / digital care products

  • Covers a broad range of pharmaceuticals, as monotherapy or combination

  • Covers a broad spectrum of digital health technology functionalities

  • US the primary territory


Based on existing established IP regulations, we develop IPR which will change the game in a converging marketplace.


Enable opportunities for strengthened and prolonged IPR for combinations


Strengthen the value proposition for partnering between Pharma and Digital health companies.


Opportunities for profound differentiation, with a focus on the US.


It started a few years ago with an idea: A digital tool which could support the use of pharmaceuticals

The origin of the patent idea came from a vision of digital tools supporting usage of pharmaceuticals for improved efficacy and safety. Digital health technologies managing specific medical needs and behaviours, facilitating administration of specific pharmaceuticals for a specific condition, and thereby improving health outcomes.


Based on the pioneering thinking from a time where Apps and digital therapeutics were unknown for most, we have now arrived, due to recent approvals, in a vision of enabling Partners to commercialize combination products with strengthened IPR.


Making the case for combining Pharmaceuticals and Digital Therapeutics and Digital Care products.

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